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The fabulous Coccoon solid soap is made with 60% of our pure & crude coconut oil.

Handcrafted in Tuscany with a simple, ancient and - at the same time - innovative recipe, Coccoon solid soap is the result of a formulation that blends three essential ingredients for soap production: pure oil, water and sodium hydroxide.

The manufacturing process consists of an initial saponification phase followed by a slow drying step that finally allows to hand slice the soap into bars, subject to natural weight loss so they are packed within a minimal packaging that protects the soaps till the first usage.


The added value of Coccoon solid soap is its high concentration of pure coconut oil (60% - there is not another similar product) that makes it unique and precious, with incredible properties and applications.

Try it and find out its endless properties and uses!




Cleanser - Moisturizing - Nourishing

Soothing - Emollient - Detergent

Natural cleanser, solid shampoo + bathgel and solid toothpaste, it is the most natural and delicate beauty ritual

for the care of face, hands, body, intimate parts, hair, beard and teeth.

With its delicacy and light fragrance, it is perfect even on sensitive skins and babies (newborn too). 
By slightly pampering your skin and your hair with the soap, you will immediately benefit from

a soft mousse that cleans the epidermis with a lovely foam

and deeply moisturizes it replacing any other conventional beauty cream.

If well dosed (watch the videos below), it is very long lasting.
Containing 60% of pure and crude coconut oil, even the solid soap is rich of vitamin E

(properties: antioxidant | antiage | anti-inflammatory) and lauric acid (57%) - the saturated fatty acid

in breast milk too - that acts as antimicrobial and natural cleanser.

Try it and let its properties and applications amaze you!

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  • Beard cleanser

  • Solid shampoo

  • Milk crust

  • Bathgel

  • Intimate care

  • Breastfeeding

  • Face/hands cleanser

  • Make up remover

  • Bathgel

  • Intimate care

  • Toothpaste

  • Solid shampoo


Coconut solid soap is a natural and delicate CLEANSER, ideal to wash FACE and HANDS. In combination with the coconut oil, we recommend it as an alternative MAKE UP REMOVER.

To pamper and protect you body, it is perfect as a natural and delicate BATHGEL (beside being an excellent solid shampoo - read more below) and as INTIMATE SOAP, even recommended for sensitive and baby skins (newborn too). By slightly pampering the skin with the soap, you will immediately benefit from a soft mousse that cleans the epidermis with a lovely foam and deeply moisturizes it replacing any other conventional beauty cream.By softly massaging your wet skin with the solid bar you will immediately enjoy a unique soap cream that, beside cleaning the epidermis with an enchanting foam, deeply moisturizes it.

SOLID TOOTHPASTE: after rubbing 1-2 times your wet toothbrush on Coccoon solid soap, teeth can be brushed as usual, without swallowing the cleaning foam that comes out during the treatment. It is a natural solution for the daily oral hygiene, with a whitening effect, and alternatively to conventional toothpastes.  

Another use of our Coccoon solid soap is as a delicate and nourishing SOLID SHAMPOO, ideal for every kind of hair, and super long lasting if well used [watch videos]. 

Also with an effect against DANDRUFF.


To be applied on wet hair, we recommend to delicately massage the solid bar on the scalp, uniformly from roots to ends. Then rub hair and scalp by hands. This massage develops a soft and foamy cream with cleansing, softening, nourishing and revitalizing properties.

Coccoon solid soap used as solid shampoo delicately takes care of hair and scalp and leaves a fresh and pleasant feeling of health and cleanliness.

BEARD CLEANSER: daily applied on beard and mustache, Coccoon solid soap is perfect to wash and clean with a delicate massage, with excellent results: voluminous, nourished, bright and revitalized beard and mustache. Soft skin, cleaned and moisturized. With a gentle and enchanting fragrance. Recommended also on sensitive skins. By rubbing the solid bar on (wet) areas of interest with few circular massages and adding water, a soft and foamy cream comes out and takes care of beard and mustache with cleansing, softening, nourishing and revitalizing properties. 

Being also recommended as solid shampoo and bathgel, Coccoon solid soap can be used for both your body, hair and beard. Just one multi-functional product. 

Together with the solid soap, we recommend to combine Coccoon coconut oil for the care and styling of beard and mustache.

Coccoon solid soap, being natural, nourishing and delicate, is ideal for the care and daily hygiene of babies (even newborn), together with Coccoon coconut oil. 

As a SOLID SHAMPOO and BATHGEL during bath time. A very small amount is needed, it lasts long and is without any side effects. Skin and hair result soft, clean and fresh. It is also excellent to fight MILK CRUST (in the worst cases, the application of Coccoon coconut oil before shampooing is recommended). As a delicate daily INTIMATE CLEANSER, for every diaper change too - let's prefer to wash babies with water rather then using wet wipes, very comfortable but also stinging.

With the constant use and the application of both Coccoon solid soap and coconut oil, skin irritations and nappies rashes are soothed or even avoided. Babies are moisturized, soft and naturally perfumed, without altering their delicate and sensitive skin.

Watch the videos of how to use and follow us on @COCCOONMAMA.  

In combination with Coccoon coconut oil, we also suggest the application of the solid soap as a bathgel during BREASTFEEDING in order to clean and wash your breast and nipples and prevent any cracks and inflammations.

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