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From the great collaboration established between Loliettoo® and the indonesian farmer communities in a remote area of Bali, our first handcrafted production of Coccoon coconut oil was born (watch the video). Cold pressed and slowly filtered, Coccoon coconut oil is a precious functional fluid, pure and crude, that does not undergo any additional treatments (deodorization/refining) or formulations with other ingredients. Made from the fresh pulp of coconuts hand harvested from palms wildly grown, Coccoon coconut oil is 100% coconut oil, safe and guaranteed, thanks to the sustainable and academic approach of Loliettoo® that locally manages the entire production chain, from soil to oil, without intermediaries. Imported from Indonesia and packed in Italy, Coccoon coconut oil is stored in original recyclable jars, light and ready to use.


Try it and find out its endless properties and uses!




Soothing - Emollient - Toning

Elasticizing - Moisturizing - Nourishing

With a pleasant and delicate natural scent, Coccoon coconut oil is a precious pure oil, functional and active,

ideal to massage, nourish and moisturize, (also in the water) all the body.

Non greasy, it is immediately absorbed, deeply. Being pure and concentrated, just a little bit is enough.

Long lasting and multifunctional, it is a unisex delicate product, perfect for everyone, also for the little ones.

Fluid and transparent over 24°C, solid and white below,

it is rich of vitamin E (properties: antioxidant | antiage | anti-inflammatory) and contains 57% of lauric acid

(the saturated fatty acid present in breast milk too), acting as a natural antimicrobial and cleansing agent.

Try it, let its applications and properties amaze you!

Read more below and watch the videos!

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  • Face cream 

  • Lips balm

  • Hands cream

  • Body lotion

  • Make up remover

  • Massage

  • Pregnancy

  • Tattoo

  • After sun lotion

  • Oil pulling

  • Revitalizing cream

  • After shave balm

  • Styling lotion

  • Body cream

  • Face cream

  • Intimate cream 

  • Lips balm

  • Hands cream

  • Massage

  • Bath 

  • Milk crust

  • Breastfeeding

  • Revitalizing cream

  • Styling lotion

Coconut oil can substitute for the FACE CREAM, especially as a EYE CREAM. The presence of antioxidants (vitamin E) reduces wrinkles and lines, and its antimicrobial properties (lauric acid) help the skin to recover rapidly from inflammations and irritations. Immediate moisturizing and softening effects. Being pure it is without sun filters, so it is better to avoid sun exposure after its application on skin. Ideal instead as AFTER SUN

When it is solid, in winter (or by keeping it in the fridge during summer time), coconut oil can be applied as a BALM on cracked lips to deliciously and deeply soothe and nourish them.  

Pure or added to other ingredients such as bee wax, coconut oil can be used as a rich and nourishing HANDS CREAM.

NAILS TOUGHENER: a coconut oil pack can be prepared, to leave on nails for 30 minutes or even overnight (wearing specific cotton gloves). Nails and cuticles are nourished, moisturized and look immediately bright and stronger. 

CLEANSING LOTION: Coconut oil can be used as a natural make up remover. Applying a small quantity on a humid cotton disk and rinsing abundantly, it also helps to reduce tiredness signs, by lightening and moisturizing strategic parts on face. An excellent alternative solution is the Coccoon solid soap that we recommend to use in combination with the oil as a natural and delicate cleanser. By slightly pampering theskin with the soap, you will immediately benefit from a soft mousse that cleans the epidermis with a lovely foam and deeply moisturizes it replacing any other conventional beauty cream.

Pure coconut oil can be used as BODY LOTION to substitute for after bath moisturizing body creams or as after sun. For silky and elastic effects, massage small quantity of product on still humid skin or drieddepending on personal preferences. To even better pamper your body, we recommend to use the Coccoon solid soap as natural and delicate BATHGEL (also as solid shampoo and intimate cleanser), ideal for the very sensitive skins and babies too. 

BODY SCRUB: coconut oil can be added with many ingredients, such as sugar cane and fine or kosher salt, to obtain a scrub product to apply on dry skin for a strong effect or wet skin for a more delicate effect. 

Ideal for MASSAGES, coconut oil restores and softens the skin, with a delicious natural fragrance. It is also recommended for neonatal massages.

Perfect for women during PREGNANCY to prevent stretch marks and elasticize the skin (breast, belly & legs). Recommended also for PERINEAL MASSAGES and during BREASTFEEDING to soften breast and nipples and prevent cracks and inflammations.

Excellent on new TATTOOS to relieve and sooth the skin thanks to its anti-inflammatory effects.

For the greenest people, coconut oil can be used as a NATURAL DEODORANT pure or added to bicarbonate: the alkaline pH of bicarbonate avoids proliferation of bacteria and bad smell, coconut oil soothes and moisturizes the skin thanks to its antimicrobial function due to the high concentration of lauric acid.

TEETH WHITENING: one drop of coconut oil and a bit of bicarbonate on toothbrush, rubbed on teeth, is a natural whitening treatment, not to abuse. A tooth-cleaning paste can be alternatively prepared with the same ingredients, to store on a little jar. It can be used pure for OIL PULLING. The Coccoon solid soap is instead recommended as a natural SOLID TOOTHPASTE.

Coconut oil restores weak hair damaged by dyes, chlorine and other aggressive agents (such as sun, sea salt) with new vibrancy, and softens naturally frizzy & rebel hair. It is applied as a RESTORING CREAM all along the hair length or where more dry, after dampened them. Cover the head with a lukewarm towel and leave it for even one hour before washing. To wash your hair we recommend the application of our Coccoon solid soap, delicate and nourishing solid shampoo, ideal for every kind of hair, and super long lasting if well used [watch videos].

DANDRUFF LOTION: applied on scalp in small drops, it reduces peeling with its moisturizing and soothing effect. 

Coconut oil can substitute for SHINE SPRAYER and STYLING LOTION when applied on dry frizzy hair by hands. It adds brightness and fights dryness of hair ends, often caused by frequent use of hair drier and straightener. 

Daily applied on beard and mustache with delicate circular movements till totally absorbed, coconut oil enhances a revitalizing & shiny effect, with the plus of a delicate tropical scent. Also perfect as STYLING LOTION. If necessary, brush after each application.

Coconut oil can also be used as AFTERSHAVE BALM to relieve from after shaving irritations and support relief to the skin for all day long. We recommend to combine the use of Coccoon coconut oil with Coccoon solid soap, ideal to wash and clean your beard  with a delicate massage, with excellent results: voluminous, nourished, bright beard. Soft skin, cleaned and moisturized. With a gentle and enchanting fragrance.

Being a delicate natural nourishing oil, coconut oil is highly suggested for taking care of babies, newborn too. To prepare emollient baby BATHS by adding few drops/spoons to the water (the status of the oil depends on the room temperature). By applying it directly on the skin after bath (or during a MASSAGE - even neonatal massage - any time in the day), and after changing diapers (also to apply on INTIMATE PARTS), irritations and nappies rashes are soothed, inflammations are prevented and babies are moisturized, soft and naturally perfumed without altering their delicate and sensitive skin. [The only collateral effect: due to its pleasant natural and light fragrance and its softening effect, Coccoon coconut oil causes an uncontrollable desire of kissing and sniff our little ones!!]. Excellent also to fight DRYNESS of FACE, LIPS and HANDS (recommended to take care of the whole BODY) and to naturally treat and defeat the MILK CRUST.

Recommended also during BREASTFEEDING to soften breast and nipples and prevent cracks and inflammations.  It can be applied before and after every feed without being worried to compromise the taste or the right latch of the baby to the nipples.


 Together with Coccoon coconut oil, we recommend the use of our Coccoon solid soap as a delicate intimate cleanser (for every diaper change too - let's prefer to wash babies with water rather then using wet wipes, very comfortable but stinging too), as gelbath and solid shampoo (also excellent to fight milk crust).

Watch the videos of how to use and follow us on @COCCOONMAMA, the Facebook group for all kinds and shapes of moms.

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