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Ceo & founder of Loliettoo®. A brave woman with a strong and overpowering desire to change and positivity. CoccoonMama and traveller. An enlightening life experience in Tuscany and then the transfer to the United States (St Louis, MO) when she was almost 9 months during her first pregnancy. A great passion for nature and good and genuine things. A master degree in Plant Biotech and Economics. 

The awareness of the difficulties in supplying intact and pure vegetable oils, and the risks of contaminations with secondary oils. The connection with the international PhD programme in Agrobiodiversity of Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna in Pisa, and the active collaborations with the small farmers in the Emerging Countries built during onsite explorations. With all these ingredients Loliettoo® was created, an academic Spin Off + Innovative Start Up company, 100% made in Italy.

 Loliettoo + Coccoon

Loliettoo® is building, in the Emerging Countries, a network of small and reliable local farmers communities that collaborate to manage and monitor the entire production chain of oil - from soil to the cold pressure of the oil -  with a rooted scientific approach as added value.
A precious, pure and crude oil [unique made like this] at our disposal, together with the green and zero waste philosophy that makes us different and the continuous search for safe and delicate products that are effective on skin, with low environmental impact formulations, without petrochemical derivatives, perfumes, synthetic colourants and silicones, and packed with a recyclable packaging, have led to the birth of Coccoon, the eco cosmetic line of Loliettoo®.

The unique selection of precious cold pressed oils, never deodorized or refined, the agrobiodiversity, the wild growth of plants in their countries of origin, the respect of biological rhythms of the species, the high value of labour and human resources are the essential and characteristic ingredients of our products.


The coconut palms from where coconuts are harvested grow wild in a remote area of Bali, in Indonesia where Loliettoo® directly collaborates with the local farmer communities to produce Coccoon coconut oil following a sustainable and fair approach.

- M. Gandhi