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Born to delicately take care of all kinds of hair (and beard), Coccoon solid conditioner is formulated with few essential ingredients + 10% of our pure & crude coconut oil. An unraveling, nourishing, long lasting and revitalizing concentrate.
Hand crafted in Tuscany, Coccoon conditioner is made of solid bars cream coloured, hand cut, subject to natural weight loss, and packed within a minimal packaging that allows the best preservation of the product till its first usage. 
The high concentration (there is not another similar product) of pure coconut oil (10%) within Coccoon solid conditioner makes it unique and precious, with enchanting results.

Try it and discover its amazing properties! Watch the videos!
[the first limited edition 2018 was sold out in one week]




Unraveling - Nourishing

Softening - Revitalizing

Coccoon solid conditioner is the most natural, genuine and delicate secret for the care of hair and beard.

With 10% of pure and crude coconut oil, it is light, with a strong unraveling and softening power,

and it is perfect for all kinds of hair, babies' too.

By carefully massaging the wet bar on hair/beard,

from roots to ends, after shampooing with Coccoon solid soap,

an invisible layer of conditioning cream comes out to nourish, soften and revitalize your mane, beside unraveling it.

If properly used (watch the videos saved in our stories on social network @loliettoo),

it is super long lasting.

Rich of vitamin E and lauric acid (57%) - the saturated fatty acid in breast milk too -

Coccoon solid conditioner, like the solid soap,

acts as antimicrobial and natural cleanser.
Hair and beard are immediately healthier and stronger.

Try it and let its results amaze you!