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A unique cosmetic line, born from an academic Start Up, that develops, produces and packs

natural high quality cosmetics characterized by the excellent and precious raw material manufactured together with

the local farmers communities in the Emerging Countries. Without any intermediaries.

Coccoon products are safe, delicate and effective on skin - and not only -, born with low environmental impact formulations,

without petrochemical derivatives, perfumes, synthetic colourants and silicones, with a recyclable packaging.


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Elisir for your Body

Face | Hands | Hair

Beard | Tattoo | Teeth

100% Virgin coconut oil,

cold pressed

in the island of Bali 

and packed in Italy.

Coccoon coconut oil.

Cleanser + Shampoo 

Face | Hands | Body | Intimate

Hair | Beard | Teeth

60% Coccoon coconut oil, Water and NaOH.

Simple, natural and delicate.

With a unique creamy foam.

Italian hand-crafted product.

Ritual for your Hair



10 % Coccoon coconut oil.

Safe and essential INCI.

The natural secret for the care and health of all kinds of hair.

Original italian receipe.